Held on 14 February 2024, this TICR Talk focuses on the pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing sector. The discussion encompasses key themes such as "Understanding the emissions profile for the sector" and presents preliminary insights gleaned from site investigations conducted by the project. The session ends with a deliberation on forthcoming actions, technologies, and potential policies in the field.

Watch the recording of the TICR Talk here on YouTube

TICR Talks

These are a series of 45-minute interactive events led by sector experts where we will discuss some of the initial findings of research and site investigations of a DESNZ-funded investigation into real energy use and greenhouse gas emissions from various sectors that use refrigeration for cooling processes, including datacentres, refrigerated transport, industrial pharmaceutical and food manufacture and commercial supermarket applications. The project will be creating a comprehensive data-driven and whole systems approach to support national decarbonisation strategy and policy in the UK.